Day 270- 7th Hour

To say that my 7th hour is a chatty bunch would be an understatement.  They are the opposite of my 1st hour... they just do not stop.  What a set of bookends for the day!  It's a good thing they're so likeable :).

I experienced something in 7th hour today that I have not experienced in there ever before.


Quiet, hardworking students.  On task.  I think I must have finally worn them down!  That's what I'd like to believe, at least.  They participated when it was appropriate and worked quietly when it was appropriate and acted as if they were totally appropriate people.  They seemed to be really pleased when I complimented them on their behavior, and they worked even harder.  They didn't even try to pack up early!  Oh, how I hope this loveliness will last.  If it does, there's hope that I might eventually wear them down on that late work... 

Thank you, 7th hour, you made my day.


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