Day 264- Kohl's Sale Skirt

One of the highlights of my day today was short and sweet.  A $7 clearance skirt made me feel like a million bucks.

Don't worry, the skirt itself was not short and sweet.  It was medium length (long enough) and only kind of sweet.  I found it through a chance enounter with a clearance rack at Kohl's a few weeks ago while Tom was looking for some new Dockers on sale.  It was mildly aesthetically pleasing.  However, I thought I might be able to throw on a few accessories and make it work.  When I saw the $7 on the price tag, I decided that I could most certainly make it work.

Today, apparently, I kind of worked it.  Just about anything looks decent when paired with a white collared shirt and a cute belt, eh?  I think I'm finally learning how to mix and match five(ish) basic things to make like twenty outfits.  Oh, the possibilites!  This excites me :).

What also excites me is that I got compliments all day long on my cheap black skirt.  A little flattery here and there is nice for the ego every now and then.  Plus, I'm finally learning how to politely accept compliments by saying thank you instead of turning them into some kind of self-deprecating humor.

As for this self-deprecation stuff, I'll leave that for the discussion of the photo below.  I will never be photogenic, and I have come to terms with that :).  Whenever I write about clothes, my mom always wants to see them.  So... this one's for you, Mom!

Thank you, Kohl's sale skirt, you made my day.


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