Day 263- Labor Day

I absolutely do not take weekends for granted.  I have spent the past nine years of my life in and out of the retail and food service worlds.  I've sold all kinds of stuff, served all kinds of stuff, and done all kinds of stuff.  One thing the retail/service world does not recognize is a good old-fashioned weekend.

There are positives to this.  It is nice to find a Monday delightful because you have it off while everyone else is complaining about going back to work.  It's lovely to have a sometimes more flexible schedule by not being tied down by "The Man" and his 9-5 (or 7-4 in my case) schedule on Mondays through Fridays.  However, now that I'm in a big girl job again, I am finally able to enjoy the beauty of two (consecutive!) days off instead of pretending that I don't care about weekends anymore.

Three (consecutive!) days off is absolutely UNHEARD OF in the tools/bras/sub shop/Greek family restaurant world.  In my new big girl world, I got those three days this weekend.  How does it feel?  It is everything I remembered and more from when I was thirteen.  In fact, Tom and I spent part of the weekend acting gleefully as if we were thirteen.  You know, dance parties, movies, board games far below our ranges of intelligence, silly jokes, etc.  We also had plenty of time to take care of our big kid responsibilities today (laundry, groceries, sleep).  After all that, this third day of the weekend also allowed us to do things simply because we wanted to... like watching multiple fascinatingly disgusting episodes of "Hoarders."  I'm not quite sure if I'll want to do that again, but it was fun while it lasted.

The only thing we didn't do on Labor Day?  Labor. :)

Thank you, Labor Day, you made my day. 


Ashley and Nate said…
Did you by any chance play Chutes and Ladders? I love that game ha. You are much braver than I am... I really don't want to watch Hoarders for fear that I may vomit at the sight of some of their things. Gross. Especially the people who hoard cats. *shudder* Glad you got to enjoy your Labor (non-labor) weekend!

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