Day 278- GLEE Premiere

GLEE Tuesdays are baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!! :)

I've been excited for this day since the season finale.  It was International Peace Day today, and we were celebrating at school.  While my students wrote ideas about how they might spread peace in their worlds for their warm-up, we listened to the Glee recording of "Imagine."  Between that and our sensory details activity with popcorn, it was a fun day at school.

What really topped the day off, of course, was a new epsiode of Glee.  Oh, Sue Sylvester, how I have missed you!!  One of the best parts was Sue's commercials for the new Glee project.  Were there any good quotes?  You bet your bottom there were!

"Think about it.  What do animals do except poop on your lawn and make you feel guilty about how delicious they are?"

"Why should children be bored by the tyranny of reading?  Words are hard!"

"The arts?  They don't need your support.  What artists do need is soap.  Seriously, the next time you meet an artist, smell him.  I swear they rub their armpits with onions."

"People are always saying get involved.  Well, to them I say sure.  I'll take a stand... for as long as it takes me to find a comfy chair."

"Don't be a Sue.  Do something good instead."

Welcome back!!  It's so good to see you again, Glee :).

Thank you, Glee premiere, you made my day.


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