Day 272- Katie*

Some of the skills we've been working on in our 8th grade classes are drawing inferences and making predictions in reading.  For a quick little practice sheet, students were asked to make a prediction about what comes next in this cartoon.

Here's what Katie had to say:

The goat is going to jump on the plane and climb on top.  Then, he's going to eat through the plane because he doesn't want free peanuts... he wants some metal.  I know this because he's a magical flying goat. 

Pfft.  Noooo.  The goat is actually standing on a mountain that is covered up by clouds.  So the plane will crash in 5...4...3...2...1.  BOOM!  Haha.  I know this because they can't see the mountain.

I already absolutely adore Katie for so many other reasons.  She's sweet, she's kind, she participates in class, and she's always smiling.  She has her own style each and every day.  Sometimes she shows up in baggy basketball shorts and a hoodie.  Other days she'll show up in flowing skirts and hippie headbands.  She is just such a happy, silly, all around fabulous girl. 

Katie's creativity (followed by an answer that demonstrates that she actually knows what she's doing) is yet another thing to throw onto the pile of reasons why I like her.  After having a good chuckle with me over this answer tonight, Tom is now a Katie fan as well.

Thank you, Katie, you made my day.


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