Day 284-Students' Supportive Parents

I have been communicating with the parents of some of my students on a one on one kind of basis, but today was the first time I had to make a big chunk of phone calls.  We are nearing the end of the quarter (quickly!  Friday!), and I want to make sure that all of my students care enough to earn the grades that they should. 

I was apprehensive about making these calls because I have heard all kinds of horror stories.  Telling a parent that his/her student is failing or close to failing the quarter is not exactly wonderful and welcome news.  However, I saw my CT navigate waters like these with parents beautifully, so I took a deep breath and called with confidence.  My intentions are good, after all.  I care about these kids and want to do everything I can to help them succeed... even if that means attempting uncomfortable conversations with their parents.

A beautiful thing happened this afternoon.  Every single call and e-mail has gone well so far (knock on wood).  Parents were thanking me for keeping their kids in line and for alerting them to potential issues.  I'd like to think that this is due partly to the fact that my kids have great parents, partly to the fact that they know that I am coming from a true and caring place, and partly because I am beyond my experience with schmoozing parents.  Perhaps my sales experience came in handy a bit, and perhaps it is clear that my effort grade exceeds that of some of these kids that I am constantly pushing so hard.  Whatever the case... whew!  I hope this streak lasts as long as possible!

Thank you, students' supportive parents, you made my day.


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