Day 279- Dialect

I Dialike Dialect

A terribly bad poem

Sometimes I catch my students looking
at the clock or out the window.
They shuffle all their papers
and can't wait 'til they get to go.
I don't let myself ever
take it too personally
After all, it's school that bores them
and certainly not me!

However, in my class this week,
we've had oh so much fun.
When they leave, they're walking,
and rarely do they run.
We've covered many topics,
they're writing and their reading.
It's knowledge that they're craving,
and me... I do the feeding!

We had such a good time today
with examples of dialect.
When do I use this or that,
and when do they intersect?
We laughed about "the mitten" and "up north"
and, of course, the pop.
My only fear is that this lesson
might just be hard to top!

You see, today there were
oh so many students' hands raised,
They were overjoyed to share
and soaked up all my praise.
And as our time together ran out,
instead of running for the door
The students sat there in their desks,
just wanting to do more!

Thank you, dialect, you made my day.


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