Day 260- College Day

Background: Every Friday at school is some kind of dress up day.  We've had Cardinals Day and Hawaiian Day and "Look Your Best" Day (for school pictures).  Today's magical theme was College Day, where students were encouraged to wear gear from their favorite colleges.  We had mostly a whole lot of Mizzou roaming the halls, with the occasional something or other else.  Do I even need to say what I was wearing?

Things I Loved About College Day

1. I got to dress in my Michigan gear from top to bottom (which I would have done today anyway).  My students especially enjoyed the maize and blue striped socks and the waving of the "All In" towel.

2. It gave me a reason to play my "Saturday Traditions" cd, which features selections from the Michigan Marching Band.  All of my classes had the privilege of listening to "The Victors" today (which I would have done anyway).

3.  My students are big ol' brown nosers, but their efforts are often quite transparent.  What I told them today when they were attempting to suck up once again was, "If you really wanted to earn brownie points, you would be wearing a Michigan shirt today, and you'd already know the fight song."  Many students responded by asking where they might buy t-shirts and by copying down the fight song lyrics from my "Leaders and Best" bulletin board.

4. I always give away free fist bumps or high fives or something else at the door as students leave the room.  In honor of College Day (yup, would have done it anyway...), students received free high fives with either a "Go Blue!" or a "Beat UConn!" 

5. It was a reminder all day that MICHIGAN FOOTBALL STARTS TOMORROW! :)

The first time I have a student come back to visit to tell me that he/she had decided to go to U of M will be a very proud day for me.  Any subsequent days of this kind will be equally special.  For many of my kids, I will beam with pride if they end up going to college at all.  I can't wait to see them in their gear for real.

Thank you, College Day, you made my day. 


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