Day 262- Eat, Pray, Love

- Gingham's turkey and spinach omelette (I needed a break from my usual order, the Gingham's Country Club omelette)
- leftover football chili cheese dip (processed cheese...mmm... http://www.thisiswhyyou'
- movie theater popcorn with a touch o' butter
- Fratteli's roasted chicken canneloni with peach wine from Augusta, MO
- Omaha steaks apple tartlets (the last of our goodies from the Lisa Kohl gift that just kept on giving)

I think I'm going to brush my teeth now in order to stop my eating.  Thank goodness this is not one of those food journals where I have to count calories. 

Service:  St. Robert Bellarmine's 9:30 mass
Overall Message of the Day:  Be a disciple.
Favorite Hymn From Today's Service:  "You Are Mine"
Funniest parishoner:  Boy five rows up doing the YMCA (when stopped, he became the boy five rows up vigorously picking his nose)

Gettin' our Jesus on really starts out the week right.

I loved settling into our Sunday routine of worship and hashbrowns.
I loved spending the day with my boys.
I loved waking up on a football high, instead of with a football hangover.
I loved playing board games with Tom (and this had nothing to do with the fact that I ruled).
I loved taking a nap in the middle of the day.
I loved that my husband loved me enough to go see "Eat Pray Love" with me (he ended up liking it too).

The Jersey Shore has GTL.  It's funny.  It's catchy.  We like our EPL just fine.  It's addictive too.

Thank you, Eat, Pray, Love, you made my day.


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