Day 261- Brock Mealer

Brock Mealer, a diehard Buckeye, gleefully led the Michigan football team onto the field for their home opener today.

Wait... say what?

You can read the sensational story of his incredible courage, faith, and devotion HERE.  WARNING: This story may cause you to "get something in your eye" a time or two.

Brock Mealer, a man paralyzed in a car accident, a man who was told that he would never again leave his wheelchair, walked across the field today.  He did it wearing a t-shirt that read "1%.  Glory to God."  The 1% was an acknowledgement of the fact that he had beaten the 99% odds against him.  These were the odds that dictated to him that he would never walk again.  The "Glory to God" was his acknowledgement of the presence of the Big Man in the Big House this afternoon.

Brock Mealer showed today what incredible faith and dedication and hard work can do.  He was also proof that Mike Barwis, our strength and conditioning coach, possesses Jack Bauer/Chuck Norrislike skills.  With God's help, Brock Mealer learned how to put in time on his knees.  With God's help and contributions from Barwis, Mealer learned how to stand on his own two feet again.

Perhaps there's a greater symbolism here, as our humbled team and fans find their way back to excellence in the game that they hold so dear and their faith in a program storied with success and tradition.  Perhaps this remarkable story is really meant as a reminder of something bigger than any man or any game, and football is just God's clever vehicle to reach 113,090 people at a time.  In any case...

Thank you, Brock Mealer, you made my day. 


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