Day 266- Mallory*

One of the things that I'm absolutely loving about teaching is seeing things through the eyes of my students.  It's true... kids really do say the darndest things!!  Here's something Mallory* wrote in a paper today that made me laugh out loud.  Literally.

Cats keep the single and lonely people company.

I certainly don't mean to diss the cat people.  Or the single people.  Or the lonely people.  There are many people I like who just so happen to have cats.  I'm friendly with lots of singles and lonelies too.  However, her observation had me cracking up.  Tom too.  General giggled in his own way.  Then, he barked, got out all his toys, and laid down in a big exhausted heap in the middle of all of them (General, not Tom).  I guess dogs keep us married folks company.

Thank you, Mallory*, you made my day.


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