Day 107- My Hard Head

Usually when people talk about being hardheaded, it's a bad thing.  It means that someone is stubborn, willful, or unable to yield.  Today, however, I was glad to be hardheaded.  Literally, I was thankful to have a hard head. 

I was roughhousing with General and chasing him in circles around the downstairs of our house.  He seemed as if he was tiring of our playing, so I sped up and ran ahead of him so that he could chase me.  Unfortunately, I underestimated his speed and competitive nature.  As he jockeyed for position with me around the turn, he knocked me out Korean speed skater style.  I thudded to the floor so loudly and painfully that Tom did not even laugh.  Yeah, it was that bad.

I have a large gash across my arm, a thumb that hurts to bend, and a headache (possibly a bit concussed... who knows).  Yet, I am quite thankful to my hard head for cushioning the blow.  I'm sure my other softer skulled friends would have been out for the count.  This hard head has gotten me through a traumatic drop on a credenza as a baby, many failed beam dismount attempts, and now a nasty fall on our beautiful living room wood floors. 

You can reserve your jokes about how these head knocks explain a lot ;).  Perhaps I should wear a helmet anyway.


Thank you, my hard head, you made my day.


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