Day 111- Hallmark

I love that my neighborhood Hallmark store
is right on my way home,
although I'd travel an extra fifty miles,
for this store I love to roam.

Around the store I walk and walk,
searching for new treasures.
I love to find and send good cards
it really is my pleasure.

Thank yous, stickers, holiday treats,
and bags and books and candles,
All this place has in store for me
is almost too much to handle.

Every time that I walk in now,
I'm greeted with a smile.
Those ladies know me by first name
and don't mind if I stay a while.

They even send me coupons
to lure me back to the store.
Shh!  Don't tell them I'd come anyway!
Just let them send me more.

Today, I gave them a bunch of my money.
I know- oh my, oh dear!
But what's a couple of dollars
when it helps to spread so much cheer?

Thank you, Hallmark, you made my day.


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