Day 108- Outback Steakhouse

We goofed.

Tom and I did not realize that all of the grocery stores in the area would be closed for Easter.  Does this happen everywhere?  I never noticed before.  Whoops.

Thank goodness our friends at Outback Steakhouse stayed open today.  Apparently they don't take Easter quite as seriously in fake Australia.  No rules, just right.

We enjoyed a lovely Easter feast of steaks, veggies, and bread.  It could have been much worse.  After all, I was afraid we'd have to make a go of it with the frozen chicken patties and jalapeno poppers we have left in the freezer.  While those crazy folks on Top Chef could have made a masterpiece with what we have in our freezer and pantry, a top chef I am not.  Good cook?  Yes.  Food artist?  Not exactly...  chicken patties for breakfast tomorrow?  I may be thanking the grocery store on Day 109...

Thank you, Outback Steakhouse, you made my day.


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