Day 127- Alicia*

When we started writing research papers in class, Alicia informed me that she had never finished and handed in a paper before.  How can this possibly be? I wondered.  However, after getting to know her better, I realized that it was probably true.  Not on my watch.  I decided that this girl was going to get the dang thing done, no matter what it took. 

It's a good thing that I had such resolve because it took a lot.  I had to find many extra times for her to go to the computer lab.  I had to push her every day, every step of the way.  I had to accept the paper wayyyyy late, but I did it because if she was willing to put in the work and eventually get it done, then darnit I was going to take it.  Sure, she lost a ton of late points, but something is better than nothing, and her paper certainly turned out better than nothing. 

Today she handed in another paper, an essay, only two days late this time.  I was so excited that I could have jumped for joy and clicked my heels together.  Baby steps.

I think it's time to bring back the smiling monkey.

Thank you, Alicia, you made my day.


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