Day 123- Bath

Here's the thing about yesterday-
it was filled with work and not much play.
I lifted soil and mulch and blocks
and loaded tons of bags of rock.

In the winter I hibernate
and sometimes add ten pounds of weight,
but before I can start to frown
this job, in spring, it trims me down.

So I run around the store
We compare pedometers, and mine says more!
I see how much my muscles can take,
they don't complain, but sometimes ache.

In order to keep the pain away,
I thought, I'll take a bath today!
A good ol' soaking in the tub
will give my muscles lots of love.

My body is no longer sore,
for I'm relaxed down to the core.
Tonight I'll have a lovely siesta
and wake up ready for a fiesta!

Thank you, bath, you made my day.


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