Day 116- Chicken Piccata

It turns out that Trisha Yearwood is more than just a wonderful singer.  I saw her on tv recently promoting her new cookbook, and the foods looked absolutely delicious.  I don't mean to be rude, but after looking at her husband (Garth Brooks), I decided that I just might be able to trust Trisha as a cook too.  She also said something that went straight from her mouth to my heart, "Butter.  The thing that makes my food so tasty is lots of butter."  Since the time my roommates caught me drinking a bit of garlice butter in college and made fun of me/were totally disgusted by me, I am constantly on the lookout for vehicles to deliver delicious buttery goodness into my diet.

I gushed about the cookbook so much to Tom that he was nice and surprised me with it last week.  What a guy (although there is something in it for him too)!  We couldn't help but oooh and ahhhh at just about every picture on just about every page as we flipped through.  Asparagus bundles wrapped in bacon?  Yes, please!  Key lime cake?  Sounds like a piece of heaven.  Hot corn dip?  Sold to the belly waiting for its next food baby.

Tonight we tried our first Trisha recipe, chicken piccata.  It was pretty painless to make, created wonderful aromas in the kitchen, and was delightfully crispy and buttery.  I always enjoy adding a new recipe into my arsenal, especially when it doesn't break the bank or my budgeted evening cooking time.  I enjoy it even more when my husband smiles at me with sauce all over his face and tells me he likes it without a hint of a lie in his eyes.  I may just have to keep this Trisha gal around for a while.  I get it, Garth... I totally get it.

Thank you, chicken piccata, you made my day. 


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