Day 114- Tail of the Pale Pink Dragon

I dragged my husband off to a play at school tonight because a few of my kids had parts in it, and I had even more students on the stage crew.  Although Tom was a good sport about tagging along, I was worried that I would have to go see some awful movie to make us even for the two hours of pain and suffering he would experience.

I'll probably still have to see a bad movie with him in the near future (because I can be bribed to do just about anything for some greasy movie theater popcorn), but it most certainly won't be in retaliation for tonight's play.  We were both pleasantly surprised to thoroughly enjoy the show (Tom being much more surprised than me, of course).  It was a cute little Shrek-like story acted by high schoolers who were really invested in their performances.  It was funny and lovely and just what we needed to escape from the stresses in our lives, if only for a bit.  We were happy to fill a few more seats in the audience for these kids who have worked so hard.

Thank you, Tail of the Pale Pink Dragon, you made my day.


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