Day 120- Boy from the Bus

The wheels on the bus may go round and round, but they sure do seem to stop a lot too.  Usually getting stuck behind a school bus on the way home is not an entirely pleasant experience, but today it actually was.

I know that different buses have different routes, and I'm pretty sure that the one I drove behind this afternoon was on some sort of route of cuteness.  All of the little kids that stepped off the bus were as precious as can be, and I couldn't help but smile as they ran home waving their arms in the air and jumping for joy with excitement for the weekend.  I felt the same way.

There was one little boy in particular that made me smile from ear to ear.  He was ten different kinds of adorable all at the same time.  The little man had on plaid shorts and a polo shirt, the perfect compliment to his little man crew cut. He was pint-sized and dark-skinned and oozed personality.  From the second he stepped off the bus, he was smiling wide, singing, and dancing.  He was shakin' it like "Single Ladies," with his mouth open so wide in song that I could see all of his teeth.  My heart really melted when I saw him stop his routine to pick up the papers another little one had dropped on the way down the street.  If it wasn't completely creepy and inappropriate, I probably would have followed all of the kids home to play in the beautiful weather.  Instead, I delighted in the charming little scene and carried on my (even more) merry way.

Thank you, boy from the bus, you made my day.   


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