Day 124- Madonna Episode

The whole cast.  Like a prayer.  Gospel choir.  Kurt solo.  Sue Sylvester.  Vogue.  Cheerios on stilts.  Mercedes belts it out.  Borderline.  Jesse St. James.  4 Minutes.  Cone bras and track suits.  Female empowerment.  What it feels like for a girl.  Artie and Tina.  Open your heart.  Express yourself. 
Sue hair, Shue hair.   

"The Power of Madonna"

There is only one word to describe what I am feeling.


I am going to need a copy of this new soundtrack for my car.  I'll probably also need to buy one for the shower, as that is the other place where I do my best singing. 

Thank you, Madonna episode, you made my day. 

P.S. Thank goodness for DVR.  I'm sure that this episode will make my day a number of times for a number of days (months, years) in a row.


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