Day 118- Asparagus Bundles

Okay, I know I already gave kudos to Trisha Yearwood and her fabulous cookbook once this week.  If I'm being honest about what  really made my day today, though, I have to give her a shoutout again.  This week's score now stands at Trisha 2, hunger/sad tastebuds 0. 

The recipe of the day was for asparagus bundles.  Butter, brown sugar, soy sauce, asparagus, bacon, and more... what's not to like?  My husband, who is not a big fan of asparagus at all, had a second helping.  I suppose this just goes to show that a little bacon and butter can sell just about anything.  Go ahead, post me on  I'll just have to work extra hard at slinging soil this weekend :).

Trisha's crockpot mac 'n' cheese is up tomorrow.  Could she possibly go 3 for 3?  My magic eight ball says all signs point to yes.  I should probably hunt her down and force her to be my friend.  This lady really gets me.

Thank you, asparagus bundles, you made my day. 


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