Day 129- Jet and Cord

"There may be places that he's not as talented as other people, but he's always made it up in try." Jet

Tom and I have gotten into The Amazing Race over the past few seasons, and there always seems to be an endearing team that we can't help but love.  This year, it's definitely the cowboy partners, Jet and Cord.  Those cowboys sure do crack me up.  In a challenge earlier in the season, they went from last place to first, even though they had to complete an extra challenge.  As one of them said on tonight's episode, they really do make up for what they're lacking with a whole lot of try.

This statement also reminded me of something my dad says that always makes me giggle.  When asked about his dancing ability once, he said, "What I lack in natural talent, I make up for with gusto and enthusiasm!"  I can't be certain, but I believe that this statement was followed by some sort of high kick or other attempted dance move.  Since he got the laughs the first time, this phrase has definitely been repeated.

I think, in a way, that this is also one of my personal philosophies in life.  I am confident that I have more talent for folding a fitted sheet than most people I know.  Beyond that, there will always be people in other avenues of my life that are more talented than I am at things.  However, one thing I have control over, one thing that I can be sure of, is the effort that I give to everything I do.  No one tries harder than I do, no one is more enthusiastic, and no one is more optimistic.

I needed this bit of inspiration as I go into teaching tomorrow with no voice.  Doggonit I am going to give tomorrow my best effort.

Thanks, Jet and Cord, you made my day.


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