Day 109- Winning Bracket

I filled out two brackets this year, one for a possible cash prize and one just for fun.  It's a good thing I like winning as much as I like money because I didn't win any money, but...


My bracket, STL GTL, dominated.  In this crazy year of upsets and Cinderella teams, I actually picked two of the Final Four teams, and I had Duke as the winner.  I was cheering, as always, for the underdog to win.  It would have been heartwarming to see Butler have their "One Shining Moment."  Can you imagine if that buzzer beater shot had gone in?  Epic.  However, you know what else is satisfying? 


Sure, I will not come away with a cash prize, and I saved my skills for the just for fun bracket.  The thing is, though, winning is fun.  Tom would just like it more if this fun had led to a contribution to our vacation fund.

Thank you, winning bracket, you made my day.


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