Day 119- Project Runway

I have absolutely adored this show since the very first season, and I have followed it from New York to LA and back again.  I am in love with/awkwardly obsessed with Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia, Michael Kors, each season's designers, and, most of all, TIM GUNN!!!!  I would very much like to visit Mood (the fabric store) and touch lots of things.  I would also like to accessorize myself with the Blue Fly wall.  To top off the day, I would, of course, have my hair and makeup done in the Tresume salon.  Ooh la la!

I can sum up what made my day today in just six words.







You got a rough start there, Timmy, but you made it work :).

Thank you, Project Runway, you made my day.


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