Day 125- Anna and 7th Block

Me: "Yeah, my last day with you guys will be next Friday."

7th Block: "Really?  Are you sure?  How about if you just stay here?  You could still come in every day."

Me: "I wish I could.  I have to find a job for next year, though."

7th Block:  "Work here.  You could teach sophomores and have us two years in a row!"

Me: "Again, I'd love that.  Unfortunately, the district isn't hiring."

Anna: "What if we pooled our money together, Mrs. Ferri?  I babysit a ton.  I make $8.50 an hour, you know." 

The funny thing is, she meant it. 

I don't need the kids to love me or even to like me.  My self confidence and feelings of worth as a teacher do not depend on it.  I want my students to respect me and to learn from me.  If I'm doing my job, then the rest will come naturally.  However, conversations like the one we had today sure do make me smile.  I adore those kids.

Thank you, Anna and 7th Block, you made my day.


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