Day 133- Job Offer

Oh, do I have a story for you! 

I was ecstatic to get a call for my first teaching job interview last week.  I scheduled it for this Tuesday during my plan period, and I was glad that I had the whole weekend to prepare.

Then, I got sick.  Really, nasty sick.  I basically slept through the entire weekend.  I woke up on Sunday with no voice and a nose that was spraying more reliably than Old Faithful.  I was nervous about the interview anyway, and this certainly didn't help.

As my voice began to come back, little by very little, I thought maybe I'd be ok after all.  Then we lost power in half of the house, the half including our bedroom.  You know, the bedroom where I got dressed for the job interview. 

So, on Tuesday, I got dressed in the dark and headed out to the interview armed with tissues, cough drops, water, and hand sanitizer.  I opened the interview by apologizing for my voice (or lack thereof) and assuring all parties involved that I had sanitized my hands before I shook theirs.  I got the laughs. 

I felt great after the interview and thought that I had, at the very least, been able to convey who I was and what I was all about.  If I didn't get the job, I told myself, it was just because they were looking for a different kind of person.  I was thrilled to hear yesterday that all of my references had been called, and I started to allow myself to believe that somehow, some way, this might actually just happen for me. 

I got the call on the way home today.  The superintendent introduced himself and told me that he had received a recommendation from the prinicipal to hire me.  Full of emotion from a day full of student goodbyes, I blurted out, "You just changed my life!"  He may or may not be scared of me now (or just find me completely awkward), but the rest of the call went well.    

Yeah, I'd say it's been a good day.  This Rudolph-the-red-nosed-girl with the hoarse voice (you know, the one who got dressed in the dark) wrangled herself a job. 

Thank you, job offer, you made my day.    


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