Day 112- Folders and Binders

I've already professed my love for to do lists.  My adoration for collecting things does not stop there, though.  I also get quite the cheap thrill out of filing things away into pretty folders (or even not so pretty folders) and binders.

When I discovered that I would need to hand in a binder with my lesson plans and materials at the end of student teaching to be reviewed by my professor, I was flabbergasted.  "Just one binder?" I said, "What happens if I have four or five?"

I have a folder for everything in my personal life too.  There are folders for recipes and certificates and papers from the past.  I make folders of magazine clippings of decorating ideas and snacks for kids and projects for the future.  One of the first things I did when we bought our first house?  It was imperative that we have a notebook/binder with color coded post it tabs that contained paint chips and descriptions of bedspreads and prioritized lists for spending.  I dominated that binder, oh yes I did.  I even made a folder of dream kitchens for my mom once I found out that my parents will be redoing their kitchen in a few years.  Was she a bit caught off guard and overwhelmed by this?  Perhaps.  Likely.  Will she be thankful when it comes time to plan that kitchen and she finds the perfect options in my folder (especially because I have found a few hundred more things to add)?  Uh... yeah.  Obviously. 

Today, I got to three hole punch all kinds of things to put in one of my binders.  I got to snap the little rings open and shut and make labels and flip through to admire my handiwork.  It was delightful.

Thank you, folders and binders, you made my day.    


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