Day 236- Julie P.

In some ways, it feels like the night before my wedding.  The stressful stuff is behind me... the planning, the decision making, the whole finding the right one for me thing.  When I woke up on my wedding day, I wasn't nervous or scared or stressed.  Sure, I felt a few little butterflies, but that was not the feeling that took over me.  On my wedding day, I was pure excitement and happiness. 

I've put in the work for this whole teaching business.  I've planned and organized and decorated and spent countless extra hours in my room.  Much like my wedding, the planning has really been taking place my whole life.  The only thing that was stressing me out today was that two of my classes were not showing up at all in the new gradebook program.  I had no rosters and no idea whatsoever how many kids I had in my third hour or my ac lab.  This led me to wonder how I would take attendance and get organized and make it through the first class with these mystery students.

I expressed this concern in a meeting this morning with my mentor/department head, Julie.  Within ten minutes of the conclusion of our meeting, I was holding the two missing rosters in my hands.  That's how Julie rolls.  What a relief!

That means that I get to feel all warm and fuzzy.  Sure, I'm guessing I'll have a few butterflies.  However, the feelings that are already taking over are happiness and excitement.  I am once again experiencing the pure joy that comes from the certainty of making the right decisions for myself.  I truly hope that I can approach the next 30+ school years this way.  To be continued... :)

Thank you, Julie P., you made my day. 


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