Day 248- Baby Bailey

After a fun-filled weekend with my girls, I was absolutely exhausted.  I couldn't wait to take a nap on the plane ride home.  I settled into my window seat, ready for some excellent open-mouthed sleep.  Then, it happened.  A woman with a baby stopped at my row.  "Is this seat taken," she asked, pointing at the seat next to me.  No, no it wasn't.  Uh oh.

The little girl was screaming already, and I was asking myself how I always seemed to get stuck next to the talkers, the screamers, and the stinkers.  However, I took one look at the poor mom's frazzled face and realized that I needed an attitude adjustment.  I could see that she had brought snacks and toys and everything she could think of to make it easier.  The little 14-month-old girl had her own backpack full of stuff, for heaven's sake.  As I chatted with the woman, I discovered that she was on her second of three flights for the day, and she was fully aware that she was an undesirable seatmate.  Bailey, her daughter, was teething and needed a nap.  She also explained that the little girl had recently learned how to walk/run quickly and did not want to be in a seat.

I hope to be a mother someday, and I know that we live states away from all of our family and many of our friends.  I'm sure that I will be taking flights with little ones in the future, and I can only hope to rely on the kindness of strangers instead of dirty looks and loud, rude comments about a situation that I am trying my best to take care of.

Bailey Jean and I were fast friends.  She really wanted to give me her snack and sippy cup, and she really wanted my cup of ice water.  We compromised.  I drank the water and let her take the ice, which she immediately put on her sore gums.  Smart kid.  I pretended to answer a call on her cell phone, and she was delighted.  I wonder if she knows that it is just a toy but thinks that I was fooled... maybe she was laughing at me, not with me.  In any case, this stopped the screaming for a while.  She also took an interest in my tray table when I put it down, and she pushed it back up with her little hand.  We played this up and down game about fifty times.  Again, the tantrums were put on hold. 

I totally understand not wanting to be cooped up on an airplane all day.  I'd rather run around and eat all the snacks I want and take a nap too.  That Bailey sure kept me busy and entertained, and I think we were both better for it!  I'm sure I'll get some quality open-mouthed sleeping in tonight.

Thank you, Baby Bailey, you made my day.


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