Day 257- Toys!

This iz GenRal.  Mom seid I could writ on the blogg for a minut.  I luv toys!  I have ducks, chrismases things, rope, alkehol, bones, soccur ball, and stuff.  Im spoiled.  I lik when they chew and squeek.  Mom is werking on my spelling.

General's father has been gone this week, and his mother is a workaholic.  Even though she feels guilty for leaving him alone all day, she has a lot of stuff to do and wants to stay completely up to date before progress reports are due at the end of the week.  General is mildly disappointed to spend more time alone than usual, and he misses running his dad around the neighborhood.  It's not quite the same with Mom because she walks and doesn't let him pee on the neighbor's mailbox.

The good news is that General is an imaginative pup, and he can entertain himself for hours.  His mother, ridden with guilt at her increased absence from the home this week while Father was gone, was ecstatic to find when she got home that he seemed to have had a good day.  How did she know?  The proof is in the picture.

His toys are usually kept in a little basket near the tv cabinet.  When Mom got home, they were scattered all around Puppy on the floor.  All of them.  The basket was empty, save for a bone and a tennis ball.  Mom chuckled to herself and was relieved to find that Puppy was not mad at her.  Rather, he had partaken in one of his most favorite of all activities (licking himself, eating, and running in circles round out the list)-- the toy relay!  Mom and Dad named this game after they saw him play it a few times.  It involves poking his nose through the basket, selecting a toy, dragging it out and playing with it, and then dropping it somewhere in the middle of the floor.  This step is repeated until all (or at least the majority) of the toys are out and ready.  Then, he runs from one toy to the next, playing for a short period of time at each stop.  Toy relay!

Thank you, toys!, you made my day.

P.S. I'm pretty sure you made puppy's day too.  Well, you and his bed.  It was dragged out into the middle of the living room again.  I think he had some "fun" with it, if you know what I mean.  Yeah you do!!


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