Day 242- Keith Morrison

A love letter... rough draft style

Dear Keith,

I was so excited when I found out that there would be a bonus Dateline NBC on tonight.  I sat down to frost a couple dozen cupcakes and watch my stories, and I was saddened to see that my bonus show was about a case I had already seen covered.  I almost changed the channel, but then I heard your voice. 

I love you.  Too soon?  I love your voice, Keith.  I could listen to you narrate just about anything.  If you read books on tape, I would buy them all and drive to the ends of earth just to spend more time in the car listening to you.  I love how you somehow end up posing beside a tree in each episode of Dateline, your leather jacket casually tossed over one shoulder.  I love how even though you cover horrible people doing horrible things, you make my stories interesting, and you are the bright shining spot of each episode.  I like how you cover all sides of an issue, but you send me little secret messages with your tone of voice so that I know what the truth is and what I should believe.  I love how you wear blazers with jeans... you're so professional but so casually cool at the same time.

You are hypnotizing, arresting, slightly creepy, and enthralling.  You can tell me any story any day.  I made my husband promise that if he ever decides to buy extra life insurance for me and then push me over the edge of a cruise ship/poison me with anti-freeze/knife me that he will get you to narrate my story, the investigation, and his trial. 

Oh Keith, you crazy Canadian, just keep talking...



Thank you, Keith Morrison, you made my day.


HotPinkJess said…
I randomly found your blog while I was googling pictures of Keith Morrison for my own blog. THIS.IS.AWESOME.
Jessi said…
Thanks :) Keith is such an inspiration! haha

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