Day 254- DVR

Dear DVR,

Thank you for collecting the things I like and for storing them in a little box.  It's very kind of you to look out for me in this way.  While I know I could do better things than watch television, your assistance in my mindless entertainment really means the world to me.

I also wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your support of my laziness today.  I have been so insanely busy these past few weeks, and you understand.  You understand that I don't always have time to hang out with you, but you find all my favorite shows and record them anyway.  You let me save time and blow by commercials.  You don't judge me when I sit on the couch with you all day.  Rather, you simply cue up my shows and provide me with entertainment for as long as I need.  When I fall asleep on the couch, you let me rewind and start over without complaint.  You allowed me a simple sense of accomplishment today when I worked through your shows and increased your storage space from 44% to 60% free.  You'd never let anyone call this a wasted day-- I worked hard.

In closing, I'd just like to thank you for giving me create-your-own-marathon capabilities.  I can record 39 episodes of Law & Order: SVU or a Lifetime and LMN movie at the same time... two troubled teen movies in a row... woo hoo!!  You will allow me to watch Emmy red carpet coverage from multiple networks tomorrow.  What a dream!  And, of course, you'll have the fashion police ready and waiting on Monday.  It's just so nice to be understood.


Your (not so) Secret Admirer

Thank you, DVR, you made my day.


Ash said…
oh NO! You didn't say "Thank you, DVR, you made my day."
Jessi said…
Oops! Fixed it :)

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