Day 244- Lead Singer Guy from Switchfoot

Oooh I am lucky.  I have lots of things to choose from today.  Tom is home-- yay!  I got to see the Goo Goo Dolls in concert tonight-- yay!  My boy Johnny is as cool as ever, and he is an incredible musician.  I had a great day at school-- yay!  All of these things are absolutely wonderful and made for a happy me.

When we got to the Goo Goo Dolls concert, I just wanted them to come out and play right away.  Tom and I have both been insanely busy this week, and we were hoping for a nice, long Dolls set followed by a good night's sleep.  When we found out that there was not one-- but two!-- opening acts, we saw our dreams of an early bedtime slipping away. 

The second opening act was a band called Switchfoot.  I recognized a few of their songs and realized that they've had a few hits over the past year or two.  While we found the music to be semi-entertaining, we found the lead singer to be incredibly entertaining.  He jumped off of the stage and ran around the crowd singing and taking pictures with people all the way along.  He jumped up into the cheap seats on both sides of the arena and literally touched tons of people in the audience.  It was really cool. 

I pictured him back in high school, when being part of a band that played big shows with the Goo Goo Dolls was just a dream.  I thought of him talking about what he'd like his band to be like and how he'd go out in the crowd and interact with the fans and give people a show.  All those cool things that he may have daydreamed about once were all the things he did tonight.  What a cool dude.

Thank you, lead singer guy from Switchfoot, you made my day.


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