Day 251- Anna**

Let me tell you something now
and let me tell you sweetly
That one of the sweetest gifts at school is when
a paper's turned in neatly... and done completely.

Many papers I saw today
I must admit were lacking
With all they lacked, I wondered
 are they really trying or are they slacking?

In each class, thank goodness,
there's at least one bright spot
A bright student with good habits
who gives it all she's (he's) got.

Today that kid was "Anna,"
who hands beautiful work in.
She beautifully finishes when I finish
and begins when I begin.

She talks when I want talking
and respects all of her peers.
She keeps her lips zipped when it's quiet time
and smiles from ear to ear.

Beyond all of these wonderful things, all there's really left to say
is thank you...

Thank you, Anna, you made my day.


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