Day 169- Lisa Kohl

There's a lot I could say about Lisa, but since I am already way behind on writing this after a little Niemi-Wolters-Wedding-Rehearsal-Dinner-After-Party-Fun, I'll just say this.

Lisa and I have been friends since we met.  Literally.  Friendship at first sight.  I was nervous to have some new roommates move into our apartment my junior year of college, but Lisa (and our darling Marisa too, of course) quickly put me at ease.  Within minutes of meeting, she was leaving me post-it note messages with plans for activities (Power Hour commences at 8!).  Her first night in the apartment she also organized a rousing game of Bop-it that lasted until the wee hours of the morning, and I knew she was a keeper.  The following year was filled with sing-a-longs and coloring and Tequila Tuesdays and paper chain making and marathon movie nights and... all the kinds of fun that some silly little girls could imagine.

We share our deep love of all things Michigan, especially football (obviously), church music, Papa Johns pizza with the garlic butter sauce, and much more.  It is only fitting that we have also blended families for tailgates and parties, since we both come from families with open door/open heart kinds of policies.  My parents are always (almost) as excited to see her as I am and have her cell phone number posted in the kitchen.  If you could throw a friendship wedding, I'm pretty sure ours would be one of the most fun you have ever been too.

It just so happens that I am in town for a wedding this weekend, and Lisa is in town to celebrate her law school graduation (along with her brother's high school graduation).  I got to see Lisa, her fabulous family, and her precious dog Molly.  Lucky me :).

Even though Lisa and I built our friendship on all kinds of immature fun, I am so thankful that we are still able to be friends now that we are semi-grownups.  She has been there for many of my major life events, including being a bridesmaid in my wedding.  I am excited to get to celebrate her many accomplishments too.  Most recently, she graduated from law school and got a great job, and I couldn't be prouder.  After all, she's family :).

Thank you, Lisa Kohl, you made my day.



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