Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 175- Barnwell Ladies

9:00 Meet with Barnwell ladies at Julie's house. 

9:15-12:00 Discuss English curriculum (and numerous other sidebars) with the ladies

12:15- 12:45 Lunch and chatter

12:45-2:00 Pool/outdoor time... yup, with the ladies

2:00-5:00 Puppy!  Nap!  Snacks! Text from Barnwell lady to hang out with other Barnwell ladies for another Barnwell lady's birthday.  Invitation accepted.

7:00-10:30 Buffalo Wild Wings... birthday celebration... team trivia domination... giggles... beverages

11:30 Home.  Puppy!  Write blog about fun day with Barnwell ladies.

Thank you, Barnwell Ladies, you made my day.