Day 186- Name That Tune Moment

My parents took us out this morning for breakfast at Barb's Country Kitchen.  That was delightful in and of itself.  I love buttery restaurant toast, and it's something that I can never make quite the same at home... but that's neither here nor there.

The real moment of the day came on the car ride home.  We were discussing Jack Johnson, and my dad said that he had never heard of him before.  My mom wasn't sure that she had either.  I was suprised (he was one of my favorites in college, after all) and started listing off all of the Jack Johnson songs I knew.  My parents were still puzzled, but I thought that surely they had heard something by JJ before.  I started singing "Bubble Toes," and within a few bars of the song, a lightbulb went on for my mom.  She told me she was all excited because having people sing something never helps her to recognize the song.  In this case, she got it right away.  I was equally as excited because my rendition of a song is usually nowhere near recognizable for others.  We had a good chuckle about the whole thing, and I had visions of future humdinger success in Cranium dancing in my head.

Thank you, name that tune moment, you made my day.


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