Day 181- Afternoon Car Ride

I was off to get a bite to eat
when I saw a tail wagging at my feet.
In order to please my little pup
I opened the door and said "Load up!"

I'm sure he was nervous to enter the car
because usually we don't go very far.
Off to the kennel or off to the vet?
He just wasn't ready to settle down yet.

But then the car took a mysterious right,
and General ran to the window to take in this new sight.
Bright colors and burgers and carhops galore!
Puppy was happy right down to his core.

To see him so joyful was such a nice treat
(yes, he can smile... now isn't that neat?)
My grin matched his, my smile so wide,
for what fun we did have on our impromptu car ride.

Thank you, afternoon car ride, you made my day.


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