Day 177- Jared

Jared the Subway Guy?  No.
Jared the Jeweler?  No.
Jared Leto?  No.

Jared the Stranger?  Yes!  I had to take my second Praxis test today to add on my middle school certification.  I was well-prepared this morning.  I got up early, ate breakfast, grabbed my nicely sharpened #2 pencils and admission ticket, and headed out the door.  Great?  Almost.  I failed to remember that ETS suggested a blue or black pen for the two constructed response questions on the test. 

It turns out that a pencil would have sufficed, and it wasn't a big deal.  However, it also turned out that Jared, the nice young chap sitting in front of me, offered up an extra pen for me to borrow.  It was a small but very much appreciated gesture made by a complete stranger.  Recognized.

Thank you, Jared, you made my day.


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