Day 187- Air Conditioning

During our 7 1/2 hour drive home from Michigan today, we started to get nervous.  The temperature gauge on my rearview mirror told a story of a hot day that was turning hotter and hotter with each mile we drove.  By the time we got off the highway and made it home, we saw that it was 94 degrees... at 5 pm... with humidity that made the heat index 10 degrees hotter.

I stumbled into the house with my suitcase and all my junk.  I was expecting to find relief from the heat and general grossness in the air.  Instead, I was smacked in the face with hot, humid air.  I went to the thermostat to see what in the world was going on.  It turns out that Tom turned off all systems while we were gone, and the house was a 91 degree sauna/sweat lodge.  Oh Missouri summer... home sweltering home. 

I quickly cranked on the air conditioning and waited for it to work its magic.  After many lethargic, frizzy haired minutes on the couch, I began to feel some relief.  It is currently 83 degrees outside (but according to, it feels like 93).  I am lounging comfortably inside in my mid-70 degree haven.  Ahhhh...

Thank you, air conditioning, you made my day. 


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