Day 191- Princesses

It's too hard today to choose just one. 

The first Princess of the Day was Miss Lydia Christian.  She is the daughter of my CT and the cutest baby in the St. Charles area.  No, really, I believe this was voted on and agreed upon in 2009.  Anyway, I went to her first birthday party today, and she is such a doll.  She even ate her cake like a little princess... and then smeared it all over her face.  That's my kind of girl!  Even though he is not a princess, I think Jackson Christian deserves an honorable mention for being darling too, and Jessica (Mommy) Christian (the queen) most certainly deserves a special shoutout for putting on the delightful party.  The Christian children are the kind of kids that make you want to have kids.  Yes, you.  Me?  I need to make it through this first year of teaching... don't get all excited just yet.  After that, we'll talk.

The next princess that rocked my world today was that lovely, lovely waitress at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse who delivered our sizzling-in-butter-steaks, broccoli au gratin, and shoestring potatoes to the table.  I am a sucker for potatoes and things sizzling in butter and/or topped with cheese.  Good work, Princess.  I made sure my husband showed you our appreciation.

The final princesses (err... witches... same thing?  close enough?) that I enjoyed today were all of the actresses living out my dream on the stage in Wicked at the Fox.  Elphaba, you gave me chills with "Defying Gravity."  Glinda, I loved you the whole way through!  It was wicked awesome.  Get it?  Wicked? 

Thank you, princesses, you made my day.


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