Day 180- GAP

I braved the torrential downpour today for a little retail therapy. 

I successfully completed my Father's Day shopping.  Check! 

I ate a pretzel with cream cheese while playing the "Are They Related?" game that my mom and I always used to play at Westwood Mall when I was little.  Check!

The other object of my shopping trip desire was a decent pair of jean shorts.  No check.  Definitely no check. 

I do not fall into the tween range, nor do I qualify for senior citizen discounts.  I like to be able to see the bottom of my shorts, even when I'm wearing a shirt (shocking, I know), but I don't like elastic waistbands.  ***Sidebar- Jessi's Fashion Tip #897- If you're not sure whether it's a top or a dress, then it's a top.  Adding a pair of tights will not make it a dress.*** It turns out that all shorts are either a little too Miley, a little too soccer mom, a little too acid washed, or a lot too holey.  The first two pairs I tried on looked like those Huggies jean diapers I have been giggling about for days.  It's not so funny in a fitting room (ok, it's a little funny... funny enough to text someone about them... but not too productive).  I was excited when I found some that were called "boy cut."  They were longer and baggier, and I thought now that's more my style.  The strategically placed holes I began to notice more when I tried them on?  Yeah... not so much.  Back to the drawing board.

I never did find my perfect denim mate, but I did find some happiness in the form of a sensible pair of khaki shorts at Gap.  Of course, by sensible I mean that the inseam is longer than 2".  Amazing.  I also found a cute pencil skirt to add to my big girl wardrobe, and it was on sale for $11.  I even found Tom a nice thermal for $1.97.  Check, check, check!

Thank you, Gap, you made my day.     



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