Day 183- Michigan Summer Afternoon

aka Summer Scene part II

Sunshine, warm and bright
Mikearita in hand
Goldilocks pool- not too warm, not too cold... just right
Floating on a mat, Tom splashing around beside me, my parents sharing a laugh
Country music blaring on the radio, Keith Urban singing "Who wouldn't wanna be me?"

I have wanted this to be me all summer.  I really love living in Missouri for a number of reasons that have been or will be discussed.  However, there are times when I could do with a little less humidity and a little more of a pool in my backyard.  There are times when I wish I could get a tan but don't want to torture myself by sweatboxing in the yard while the neighbors splash around in their pool.  There are many times when I think about all those perfect summer days from my childhood at the pool or the lake in Michigan.

But... today I had it all.  Before the thunderstorms and hail came in, I had my beautiful Michigan summer afternoon of dreams.  Sing it, Keith!

The sun is shinin'

And this road keeps windin'
Through the prettiest country
From Georgia to Tennessee
And I got the one I love beside me
My troubles behind me
I'm alive and I'm free
Who wouldn't wanna be me

Thank you, Michigan summer afternoon, you made my day.


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