Day 190- Silky's

I can't believe it took us until June (almost July-whoa) for our first Silky's trip this year!  I guess we really have been busy. 

Our first ever trip to Silky's took place the first summer that we moved here.  We had driven past the place a few times, and it looked good, so we finally stopped one night.  After looking over the menu of frozen custard done a million different ways, I decided to go for my standard small chocolate cone.  Tom was more adventurous, however, and decided to expand his horizons.  I wonder what a concrete is, he said to me.  I told him that he should just ask, but that's just not how he does things.  Instead, he simply ordered a chocolate concrete.

"With what...?" asked the girl at the counter.
"Um, just chocolate," was his reply.
"Yeah, chocolate."
"Uhh... ok."

At this point, I knew that something was up.  I'm sure deep down Tom did too, but dangit, he had ordered his chocolate concrete, and he was going to stick this thing out.  When the girl slid open the window and passed us our order, Tom looked quizically at his foreign treat.

"What is it?"
"A cup of chocolate frozen custard."

We looked back up at the menu and saw a whole list of toppings.  He could have had cookie dough, peanut butter cups, m&m's, Snickers, chocolate chips, or any variety of other lovelies mixed in blizzard-style to his custard.  Instead, we paid extra for a plain cup of custard.  Lesson learned.

We learned another important lesson that day.  Silky's is SO GOOD.  Tonight we had a nice little dessert there, me with my small chocolate cone and Tom with his chocolate concrete (with cookie dough...wahoo).  It was cooled down enough to sit outside amongst the kids with messy faces.  In fact, for a minute we were the kids with messy faces :).

Thank you, Silky's, you made my day.


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