Day 194- Cathy at DESE

I called.
I had questions and concerns.
You picked up and apologized for the wait... you even seemed to mean it.
You listened kindly and answered kindly.
I got the information I needed, and  you were perfectly pleasant and helpful the whole time.
I know you must be terribly busy right now.  In fact, you told me that you were... but not in an annoyed way or a frazzled way... just in a matter of fact "Yes, we've received over 2000 requests for processing, but give me a minute, and we'll figure out exactly what your status is," kind of way.

It is quite satisfying to call somewhere with a goal in mind and to end the call with all of the information you need and a cherry on top.  A Cathy on top?  No, I think I like cherry better.

Thank you, Cathy, you made my day.


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