Day 176- Jean Diapers

Ok, sometimes I know I am really easily amused, but this is just too funny.


Huggies is making limited edition diapers that look like... JEANS!  Whaaaaat?  The first time I saw the commercial a week or so ago, I thought it was some kind of Saturday Night Live spoof (remember thong diapers?) or a crazy marketing ploy.  However, it turns out that these are, in fact, legit.  Huggies gives this convincing explanation for their newest product,

"Jeans have always been a Mommy fashion must-have, but now it's time for their little ones to steal the style. Huggies® gets fashion forward with new denim diaper design to help your baby stay trendy while keeping dry."

Fashion forward diapers?  Oh, you're killing me!  Can't.  Stop.  Giggling.  Wait... there's more.  Did I mention the tagline?

"The coolest you'll look pooping your pants."

I have been trying to figure out a way to look cool while pooping my pants, it's true.  The great tragedy here, though, is that these are a limited edition item.  I should probably buy some for our future children and stock them in the basement.  Although, I'd hate to waste my money on these if they're going to come out with something even more fashion forward and trendy in the diaper arena... like pleather... or velour... seersucker!  Could it be?  I'm still laughing. 

Thank you, jean diapers, you made my day.


Lisa said…
This is the first thing I buy you when you become a DIK

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