Day 243- Driveway/Runway

Tom usually gets the mail.  He likes doing it, and it is a part of his routine, so I have to leave it alone.  Otherwise, he finds himself standing at an empty mailbox scratching his head and acting all confused.  He's been out of town this week, though, which means I get the excitement of the mail. 

I'm not being sarcastic.  I thoroughly enjoy getting the mail too.

I had a marathon day, with school all day and a parent open house tonight that took me back to school for a few more hours.  I came home in between to eat and let poor General out... and, of course... to get the mail.  Since I met a bunch of parents today, I debuted a lovely new black dress.  My feet are still rebelling against anything that is not flip flops, and I tend to agree with them.  We compromised on some decent looking black wedge heels and added a bracelet and a necklace to complete the look.  Why is this important?

Well, thanks for asking.  This is the outfit that walked me down the runway to the mailbox.  Twice.  I totally rocked it.  My husband wasn't around to appreciate how fabulous I was today, but hopefully someone somewhere in the neighborhood enjoyed the look.  If our neighbors keep tabs on us the way we keep tabs on them, I'm pretty sure my runway walk was not wasted on them.  Even if no one was paying attention, I got in a good minute of supermodel time for myself on each walk.  Very satisfying.

Thank you, driveway/runway, you made my day.


Ashley and Nate said…
This made me laugh out loud... I can just see you super model strutting down the "catwalk" all the way to the mailbox. And then strutting back to your house.

Nice work! :) p.s. I found some old college pics on a cd and found a cute one of us all decked out for a football game. Yay.
Jessi said…
Thanks :)

You should upload the college pics somewhere! Good times, good times. I have a picture somewhere of us collapsing from exhaustion on the Monroe apt. landing after a game... I think we stayed there for quite some time :)

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