Day 129- Raffle Basket and O'Ekaki

Thursday night is Barnwell's annual Howl Night, and all of the teams at school are asked to put together a basket for a raffle.  My team decided to do a movie theme for ours.  Since my movie favorite (popcorn) was taken right from the start, I contributed all kinds of different boxes of movie candy.  Sour Patch Kids, Snowcaps, and Milk Duds... oh my! 

Our basket turned out really well, and I hope we raise some money! :)


I can't remember how I discovered O'Ekaki, but I'm sure glad that I did.  It is one part logic puzzle, one part paint-by-number, and 100% awesome.

In my puzzle books, I have created pictures of everything from Marilyn Monroe to the Mona Lisa to Jesus.  I'm hoping that this constant exercising of my brain has its benefits.  Even if it doesn't, I could do these puzzles all day.  In fact, I just may have done that once or twice.

Thank you, O'Ekaki, you made my day.


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