Day 132- Friendship Bridge and Howl Night

Last year a student offered me her friendship in the form of a bracelet.  I donate my friendship today in the form of Friendship Bridge.  What is it?

Friendship Bridge provides microcredit and education to help women and their families create their own solutions to poverty.

We believe that:

- Microcredit helps impoverished women reach economic independence.
- Education for women and children is an important tool for development.
- Health education enhances personal, family and community well being.
- Respect for the spiritual and cultural roots of communities is fundamental.
- Participatory techniques incorporate each client’s voice.
- Women are leaders for change in their families and communities.
- Effective programs are created through listening


I got to wear my cowboy boots today.  A sundress, a denim jacket, and some cowboy boots.  It was Barnwell's annual "Howl Night", and the theme this year was something about the Old West.  Since I had homework help after school and didn't have time to go home in between, I wore my getup allllll day long.

Speaking of a long day (isn't that what I was talking about?), today was most certainly long.  I was at school from 7:15 am to 8:15 pm and running around in my boots the whole time.  The excellent thing is that I was still happy when I got home.  It was a tired happy, but happy just the same.  I think that means I love my job.

Sooo... what's Howl Night?  Well, it's kind of hard to explain.  It's an event where teachers can display student work, families can come have fun, the school can raise money, and everyone can dance and get their faces painted.  There were performers and booths and slide shows and charicatures and hot dogs and smiling faces everywhere.  I didn't have an official job, just a little relief for others here and there, so I got to take it all in and socialize with families and teachers and everyone else.  My boots and I sure did have a good time!

Thank you, Howl Night, you made my day.


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