Day 135- St. Charles Parks and Recreation Foundation and Pirate Party

I rejoiced in my first lazy Saturday in months around this time last year.  I had just finished my student teaching, and this meant my six-day-a-week work schedule had finally come to a conclusion.  In the spirit of nice, lazy Saturdays, I made today's donation to our local park foundation.  After all, parks are excellent facilitators of lazy Saturdays.  I hope to spend many more visiting all of our local parks with my boys, even though General will feel the need to "mark his territory" on at least seven trees per park (no joke).

What's cuter than a bunch of little munchkins whacking a pinata at a 4-year-old's pirate birthday party?  Hmm... not much. 

Hot dogs and all kinds of other fixings, an adorable treasure chest cake, and great company rounded out a wonderful Sunday afternoon spent at little AM's birthday party.

Thank you, pirate party, you made my day.


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